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Are you STILL NOT convinced that taking this class will benefit you? Well don't take our word for it. Have a read through some testimonials from previous students... and then call and book your spot!


"My father taught me about guns. Then I was in jr. ROTC in high school. And they taught me about weapons. The instructor was able to teach me things I did not know about the weapons. Just when you think you know everything someone will come along and teach you something new. Take the class and see if it can teach you something new!!"



"Being gun shy because of the many tragedies involving guns, I was hesitant to take this course but leaving I knew I was informed and prepared to own and carry, concealed that is. The instructor was very lively and made everyone in our group feel comfortable asking questions. I thought I would be the only one asking off the wall questions but the instructor knew the answers to each and every one. We covered the different parts of a few type of guns, how to take certain pieces apart, how to load, and also the proper techniques while using a gun. The most important thing I learned while taking this course was gun safety. The instructor was very adamant about  the safety precautions that must be taken while holding, shooting, and storing a gun. We also learned about different laws and that it is important when traveling to a different state to look up or call and inquire about their gun laws. I would recommend this course to anyone interested!"



"I took the CCW class because I was interested in protecting my home but was a little apprehensive about having guns in my home. The instructor totally put my mind at ease. We learned about all the components of a gun and their many safety features. We also learned how to safely handle them. I even gained enough information to be able to select a gun without looking dumb. Our teacher had the whole class participating and made it fun. The class didn't end there though, the instructor gave us tons of resources to laws ( because they constantly change) and other useful information. I would definitely recommend this class."



"The instructor made it easy to learn from this class, and remember all the information given.  I learned a lot. I left feeling confident in my decision to get my permit."



"I took the class thinking that I knew everything I needed to know about guns. However, I left having learnt even more information than I did before. I'm happy I took this class!"


Scott & Tonya


"Class was great and informative. Even went to the shooting range tonight and shot gripping my pistol like you taught and not the military taught style. Took a clip to get used to it but after that, mostly in the center ring. Thanks again and will certainly recommend your class. "