West Coast Pawn and Gun makes custom Kydex handgun holsters and knife sheaths IN HOUSE! We can handle any request or idea that you can come up with. 

Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic polyvinyl chloride material that is rigid and strong. This strength, combined with a grained surface, increases its abrasion resistance.

Kydex is a moldable nearly indestructible plastic that can be pressed and formed to fit according to various needs. It is thinner than standard leather, impervious to moisture and solvents, and can handle a variety of environmental conditions, humidity, and temperatures.

Kydex and a few variants of this type of material have been in use by professional holster makers for decades, and has proven to be an affordable, and far more stable, sturdy alternative to classic leather.


  • A variety of colors are available, and can be custom ordered along with numerous patterns and graphics.

  • We can accommodate lasers, sights, lights, and rails on most guns.

  • Possibilities are endless. We can make competition holsters, magazine holders, (attached to the holster or separate), money clips, gun trays, snuff holders, and any knife sheath you can dream up; or we can design it for you.

  • All our Kydex products are built to last, built for comfort, built for concealment, built for strength and BUILT FOR YOU!

  • Our holsters can be designed for cross draw, appendix, small of the back, right hand, left hand, etc.


Outside the waistband holster

Outside the waistband holster made with "WE THE PEOPLE" kydex.

A sheath can be made for any knife.

Knife holster made with brown kydex and an additive of black kydex to attach onto belt.

One of a kind cell phone case!

Cell phone case made out of kydex that is rugged yet cool.

Who doesn't need one of these!

Snuff holster made out of kydex, because when the back pocket just won't do!

Extra Mag Check! Extra Knife Check!

Magazine holder dubbed with a dagger.

What color will your holster be?

Inside the waistband holsters done in tiffany blue and carbon fiber black.

Our goal is to provide innovative holster options at a reasonable price. We are constantly reviewing our products for improvement. All our holsters are custom made with USA made materials and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. All of our items are hand made by our designer with your needs in mind.