Concealed Carry Classes

West Coast Pawn holds in-house concealed carry classes. We offer between 3 or 4 classes a month. Debating on getting your permit? Take a minute and watch the video for some thoughts on why you should get it. Our class is taught by a NRA certified instructor with over five years experience, which will give you all the information you need and more, unlike some of these fly-by-night classes/instructors that have been popping up around town. The class costs $49.99.


What are the benefits of getting a CWP?


Well, what aren't the benifits of getting a CWP is the question you should be asking.

Just some of the benefits include not having to complete the three day wait when purchashing a hand gun.  You will alos be able to have your pistol on you at nearly all times.  Getting a CWP does not mean you are exempt from completing a background check when purchasing a gun.