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Throughout history, all types of people from rich kings to average Joe’s have patronized a pawn shop. You can use your valuables as collateral for cash on the spot. It can help you get through a rough time or give you cash for things you no longer want or need. In addition, pawn shops sell a wide variety of items at prices much lower than retail. It’s like a mini bargain treasure hunt, you never know what you are going to find! 

What is the difference between pawning and selling?

  • Selling: Our knowledgeable and trained pawnbrokers will evaluate and give you cash on the spot if you decide to sell your item. Once it clears, it will be put on our showroom floor for someone else to purchase and enjoy.

  • Pawning: A pawn is another term for a collateral loan. We lend money on items ranging from gold and diamond jewelry, musical instruments, televisions, electronics, tools, household items, firearms and more for a small interest fee.  There is no set time range on a loan, so as long as you pay the interest, you can keep your item in pawn. 

What happens to items in pawn that aren’t redeemed?

Most items in pawn are redeemed. However, when you fail to redeem your item by paying back the original loan amount plus interest, we resell your item. If you think that you’re going to have trouble with your loan and don’t want to give up the item, please talk to us.

What is the benefit of a pawn shop?

Pawnshops are not “just for poor people”. Many of our customers are from a middle or upper-economic background. Instead of selling on eBay or Craigslist, we give you cash on the spot. No need to meet up with a stranger, ship, or spend time listing. We are a safe and convenient way to sell or pawn your items in a comfortable no pressure environment.


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